Kabi Flat Roofing West London



Overlays are additional roofing placed on top of the existing roof as an additional form of protection. This is a popular method of roofing services to keep your existing roof. This can only be done if an overlay hasn’t been performed previously.


Roof damage includes cracked tiles, loose slates or even split guttering. We know that it can stick out like a sore thumb, which is why we specialise in refurbishing existing tiles and filling in the missing roofing services.

Leak Proofing

Stormy weather is the main cause of roof leaks in the household. Leaks can travel between the gap in the walls to different parts of the household; making it difficult to establish the true cause of the leak. We offer foolproof leak services to fix the situation as soon as possible.

Annual Roof Servicing

We are often called after the damage is done; which is why we begun to offer roof servicing to protect this crucial element of your household. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of the roof and prevents damages to your rooms and household possessions.

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