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Domestic Roofing

We provide a range of roofing services and roof repairs for your household.


Flat roofs. Gutters. Rooflines, Fascias & Soffits. We refresh your house’s hairstyle.

Leak Proofing

House roofs experience wear and tear from our beloved British weather. Let us take care of it.
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A roof is the first line of defence of a home against harsh winds, heavy rain, snowfall, and falling limbs! A strong roof not only protects the structure of your home, but also makes it energy-efficient in addition to offering aesthetic allure. If the roof fails, the safety of the entire home is threatened. It is imperative to maintain the safety and appearance of your property to prevent further expenses. Roof cleaning, necessary repairs, and new roof installations should neither be taken lightly nor should they be neglected. Many roofing companies offer excellent services for Ealing roofing and Chiswick roofing. These companies offer and all aspects of roofing, be it roof installations, repair and maintenance, replacement, flat roofs, chimney rebuilds, roof cleaning, or any other roofing aspect.

About Us - Roofer West London

We are a fresh company; but we have spent the last 20 years perfecting our crafts in the field. With first hand experience we have seen all the possible roofing problems at hand and applied successful solutions to a range of households types.
Through years of on-site experience we deliver roofing to skyrocketing standards. We pride ourselves to provide trustworthy and reliable roofs over your heads. Our specialised accreditations in roofing methods such as single ply membrane, felt, hot melt or liquid plastic are supported by the standards of health and safety bodies in the UK.
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What We Offer

Roof Installation

A new roof is a great investment that always pays off. Your roof faces the harshest of weather – from extreme cold and storms in winter to getting baked in summers. A well-maintained roof can save you from costly repairs while adding to the curb appeal of your home. Looking for an expert roofer in west London or an experienced roofer in north London? Contact Kabi Flat Roofing now!


There are many reasons that one chooses for a new roof installation on their property, including:

  • Damaged roof because of the weather
  • Roof began to deteriorate due to wear and tear
  • Wanting to add to the property’s value, for selling purposes
  • Re-roofing costs are cheaper than constant roofing repairs

Why Re-Roof Your Property?

  • A new roof allows your HVAC system to works more efficiently, thus reducing your monthly energy bills in the long haul. 
  • Retiling your roofing can have a significant effect on your house’s value. It takes your home to a new, elite level. It makes your property stand out from others in the vicinity within the same price range. 
  • It is crucial to realise the number of problems and losses a damaged roof can welcome. These issues should be addressed sooner rather than later, for the sake of your and your property’s safety, and your bank accounts.  
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Ealing roofing
Chiswick roofing
Flat Roofing

The most adequate London flat roofing is provided by Kabi Flat Roofing. Flat roofing includes:

Liquid Applied Coatings

Liquid resins are strongest when used to waterproof roofs. Regardless of shape and material, it waterproofs the main areas seamlessly and without joints. 


PVC membranes have many advantages including aesthetics, multiple colour choices, detailing, and value for money. It is stable in high and low temperatures and its lifespan exceeds 30 years.

Why Choose Flat Roofing?

London flat roofing is becoming a popular choice for garages, homes, extensions, and commercial buildings, mostly because of:

  • Affordability: the materials used for flat roof installations are low priced. In addition, the initial process, maintenance, and upkeep are also affordable
  • Versatility: flat roofing provides you with extra space on top to enjoy. Should you choose it for air conditioning units, solar panels, or a rooftop garden, is up to you. 
  • Accessibility: flat roofs are easier to work on as compared to sloped ones. Cleaning gutters, making repairs, installing satellite dishes, are made cheaper and easier with flat roofs.
Chiswick roofing
Ealing roofing
Repair and Maintenance
For your roof’s repair and maintenance, search for a company that covers a wide range of repair services carried out by highly skilled roofers. Whether you are looking for professional roofers in north London or reliable roofers in east London, you must ensure that they are able to investigate and pinpoint the cause of any water leak or roof defect. Choose someone who can carry out the necessary repair works in the shortest amount of time to minimise routine disruption.
Pitched and Flat Roof Repairs Include

If you’re looking for the best repair and maintenance service providers in Ealing roofing and Chiswick roofing, Kabi Flat Roofing is the place to go. It has been offering a high-quality roof leak repair service for many years. We are no doubt the best London Flat roofing company!

Slipped or broken slates and tiles, loose ridges and verges, loose and defective cover flashings, blocked outlets, and waterways, are a few of the most common problems regarding roof repairs. Repairs are of two types:

Roof Maintenance Checklist
  • Re-pointing and replacement ridge tiles
  • Fixing loose or broken roof tiles
  • Slate roof repairs and lead roof repairs.
  • Flat roof leaks
  • Worn and torn roofing felt
  • Bubbles and blistering of flat roof.

Flat roofs are particularly susceptible to weather damage.

  • Remove any branches, leaves, or other debris
  • Moss, lichen, algae, and mould removal. 
  • Soffits, fascia, unclog gutters, and downspouts. 
  • Chimneys, skylights, and vent openings
  • Caulk the flashings
  • Inspect the shingles
  • Check your insulation or ventilation
  • Prevent ice damns after heavy snowfall
  • Look for leaks in your attic and ceilings 
Roof Maintenance Checklist

Hire someone for inspection:

Wondering why you should pay for a roofing inspection when you have our roof maintenance checklist right in front of you? A pro inspector will be able to spot potential and seemingly-minute problems you might’ve missed. They will also provide you with valuable and new tips for maintaining your roof. They’ll also give you a rough idea of how many more years it will last. Inspection once a year will increase your roof’s lifespan by finding potential minor issues before they become major.

Roof Cleansing
Roof cleaning includes removing all types of mosses, lichens, algae infections, mildew, snow, debris, tree/limb, and pretty much anything Mother Nature or anything else has left behind. As a result, the roof is protected from the regrowth of harmful pests and further infection.

Mosses and lichens can take hold of any roofing regardless of material or surface, even solid granite. They cause frost attacks and roof leakage. They are also responsible for the deterioration of roofing materials which leads to costly replacement by means of putting heavy weight on the roof by heavy moss contamination. Call us anytime for Chiswick roofing or Ealing roofing cleanse, for the best possible prices.
Why Should I Clean My Roof?

To Enhance Curb Appeal:

Roofs are mostly the first thing that comes to notice when you visit someone’s home. A black roof with stains and moss patches isn’t exactly appealing. Roof cleaning is a bonus as it can make an old roof look new again without re-roofing. With a single roof cleaning, you can up the resell value of your property! 

To Control Damage:

Get rid of moss and lichen on your roof as these cause premature failure, and cut several years off the life of a roof! 

To Save Money

Clean your roof with regularity so as to keep away from costly repairs and mega costly re-roofing.

Two Professional man working in a flat roof
Professional Roofing Services
Grounds to Choose Us

Kabi Flat Roofing has worked hard for its outstanding reputation and strives to do everything we can to maintain it.

We adopt a professional approach to the estimation and the execution of projects. We deliver our services on time and on budget.  Combining traditional techniques with the latest technology we provide a wide range of domestic and commercial roofing solutions. 

Any time water finds an entry point into the home, it poses a threat to the structure, electrical system, and overall integrity of the building. Throwing pots and pans under the offending spots isn’t exactly a viable solution, either. The solution is calling us for emergency services because we also provide those in addition to flat roofing in London. We’ve got reliable emergency responses for both, Ealing roofing and Chiswick roofing.

We have the necessary experience required to deal with roofing emergencies. Our expert roofers are willing to go that extra mile needed to get your roof back to how it should be. We do our best to reach you as soon as possible, as we know the importance of fixing a leak. We are also aware that there is no such thing as a ‘minor leak’.

What They Say

Lukasz Dabrowski arrived the same day I invited him. He was very good and very flexible. He gave me a price and finished the work same day. I am very pleased and satisfied with his work and will retain and use him again for any future work.

ragama on mybuilder.com

Lukasz was a pleasure to do business with. He completed the work the same day that we listed the job on myBuilder. His work was great, he was polite and very clear about what he was doing and why, took he pictures and left no mess behind at all. I would definitely call Lukasz the next time I have some roofing work.

gclarkson on mybuilder.com

Lukasz is very polite and did a great job repairing my leaking flat roof at very short notice. Furthermore, Lukasz provided me with thoughtful advice and guidance on maintaining and upgrading my roof for the future. Would definitely recommend for all your roofing needs.

anwar51467 on mybuilder.com

Our Flat Roofing Qualifications

Here at Kabi Flat Roofing, we pride ourselves in achieving the very best results at all times. This is why we make sure our team is undertaking all training at our disposal, particularly when it comes to flat roofing in London and the UK. We are certified installers of both felt and GRP. We are also fully qualified first aiders to maintain a safe work environment at all times.

In fact, you can find all our qualifications below as we keep growing the company. If you are looking for a West London roofer, look no further!

Flat Roofing London - Areas of Operation

Kabi Roofing provides flat roofing contractor services across the South and the South West of England, including central London and the Greater London region. A number of companies offer flat roofing services in this region, but very few that can equal our level of professionalism, quality and customer service. With years of experience under our belt, we can notice leaks and defects that other roofing companies may overlook. If you are looking for a roofer in West London, a roofer in North London, or London flat roofing help, then please drop us an email or give us a call. You can also find below a wide list of areas in which we operate, meaning if it’s in your area, you’ll be happy to know a flat roofer near me.

Please note our area of operations is flexible, and we can offer flat roof repair, or flat roofing services in most of the country depending on each project.

Roofer West London Locations: Ealing, Wembley, Chiswick, Wimbledon, Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston Upon Thames, Harrow, Hayes, Brentford, Hounslow, Greenford, Uxbridge, Brentford, Acton, Hanwell, Hammersmith, Shepherds bush, Fulham, South Kensington, Putney, Barnes, Notting Hill, Chelsea, Paddington.

Roofer North London Locations: Cricklewood, St Johns Wood, Camden Town, Islington, Hampstead Heath, Archway, Highbury, Dalston, Hackney, Stoke Newington, Finchley, Wood Green, Tottenham and many more.

London Flat Roofing locations: Mayfair, Pimlico, Marylebone, Soho, Belgravia, Holborn, Farringdon, City Of London, Finsbury, Waterloo, Clerkenwell, among others.

Greater London and other areas: Watford, Croydon, Dartford, Romford, Enfield, Brentwood, Slough, Windsor, Woking, Guildford, Bromley, Luton, Essex, Hertford, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Oxford, Berks and many more. You can also check out our partners in real estate if you are looking for villas for sale in Marbella.

  • What is your legal business name and address?
  • Do you have general liability insurance?
  • Do you hold a current license as a roofing contractor?
  • What are your address and phone number?
  • Will you provide at least three references for my research?
  • Will you provide a written estimate?
  • What steps will you take to avoid damaging my property during an installation?
The best seasons to get a new roof are summer, spring, and fall. As there are clearer skies and also a bit of sunlight during these seasons, the roofing can be optimal. Depending on your area of residence, all seasons have their pros and cons when it comes to re-roofing. Choose the best as per your location.

In the UK the average rate to hire a roofer is £25 per hour. Keep in mind that this is an average estimate; the hourly wage for your roofer may vary depending on their experience and the amount and type of work your roof requires

Consider the following:

  • Initially select up to 3 contractors for the job
  • Get recommendations from friends and family
  • Ask all 3 what materials they plan on using
  • Ask for a guarantee of their work
  • Agree on payment terms before the work begins

If you’re based in the UK, our advice for choosing the best contractor would be via Kabi Flat Roofing. We provide the best roofers in west London and the best roofers in east London as well.