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“If you run from a leaking roof you’ll end up with a flood.”

(Mahmoud Abbas)

All the important things in life need constant care and your houses are no different. A common problem with house maintenance is that the roof is often neglected until a serious and expensive problem occurs. It’s pretty easy to fix this; opt to get your roof surveyed by a professional to see if any issues need to be dealt with. However, sometimes people don’t have an idea about how a roof survey goes or where they can access this service from. This article will help you understand the process of a roof survey better. 

Timeliness and knowledge are key to saving money. It is important to know what kind of roof survey you need. An imperfect survey often results in roofing damage being overlooked and becoming a minor-to-major problem later on. So why wait? Let’s go through exactly what you need to know to decide on a good roof surveyor. 

Getting your roof surveyed helps in eliminating expensive problems before they arise. However, before you opt to get a roof survey, let’s talk about your options: 

  1. Visual Roof Survey

This provides a more hands-on approach than an automated survey. An inspector will survey the roof for you after an appointment. They will assess the damage to provide you with the results and needed repair estimates.

  1. Extended Camera Survey 

If your roof is located at an accessible height, but there is a danger of the structure being frail, then an inspector will opt for an extended camera survey. The camera survey will be just as good as a physical one. The inspector will survey the area with a long camera mast, which also saves you a lot of time.

  1. Drone Roof Inspection

If the roof is built at a height where climbing on it would be dangerous, a drone roof inspection is preferred. It provides an overview of all the areas that require attention in a much shorter period than a personal survey. It also inspects the roof at a closer range, so there is no doubt about the damage or needed repairs. This is a more thorough form of scrutiny and quite popular, too. 

  1. Electronic Leak Detection

Electrical Leak Detection (ELD) works by pouring water on a flat roof and running an electrical current through it. The surface of the roof isolates the current and makes sure it doesn’t reach the deck of the roof. However, if there are any gaps in the surface, the electrical current will reach the deck which is detected by the surveyor and helps locate any structural deformity. 

This greatly helps in detecting any intrusive leaks that may prove to be a nuisance. A roof inspector could easily take note of the areas compromised by the water without any excess complication and mark them using survey paint.

Now that you know your options, it is time to answer your query, ‘roof surveys near me.’ 

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Roof Survey Near Me

Kabi Flat Roofing provides the best roof inspectors in case you are looking for one. You can hire independent roof surveyors from our firm as well. A roof inspector must be knowledgeable about what they have to do and our firm guarantees perfection in every aspect of your roof repair. Here are some of the roof types you can opt for the following.

  1. London Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are quite common in buildings and are described as roofs that are almost or completely level but still slope a little to make sure that rainwater runs off the sides. Flat roofs are very popular in London, making it likely that you’ll have to look for a contractor to work on one. That’s where we come in. We conduct flat roof surveys at affordable prices and with modern and effective methods, making the survey a lot more thorough, as well as easy on the pocket. 

  1. Felt Roofing

Roofing felt is composed of a foundation consisting of natural materials, such as wood cellulose, or synthetic materials such as fibreglass or polyester. These are then covered or saturated with a protective covering such as bitumen also called asphalt, which repels water while allowing the product to breathe.

  1. GRP Roofing

GRP is a material made from polyester resin and is widely used because it is waterproof. It rose to fame in 1938 but has gone through a lot of changes and evolution to get to the improved state it is now. We use several materials including Topseal resin, fibreglass, and Topseal durable coat to provide you with a roof that is tough and attractive while withstanding weather conditions. 

Next time you are searching for a roof survey near me, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Kabi Flat Roofing! We are experts in London flat roofing among other roofing services.

Roof Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Pay For A Roof Survey?

Yes, our recommendation is to pay a respectable roofer for the time, and they will provide you with an unbiased and honest roof report.

“Traditionally, specialist personnel ascend or descend a building to carry out a survey. Any job that requires working at height carries risk.₁”  

How Long Does A Roof Survey Take?

A visual assessment of a roof by one of our trade-accredited roofers will take around two hours. During the inspection, the roofer offers a comprehensive assessment of each area of the roof.

What Does A Roof Survey Involve?

The roofer offers a comprehensive assessment of each area of the roof throughout the examination. Each survey includes information and a professional opinion on the roof coverings, including the type, condition, and defects. They also assess the general condition and ability to prevent leaks, state of the chimney, as well as the condition of brickwork, pointing, pots, flaunching, drainage, and guttering. 

A good survey will also contain information regarding drainage defects and potential problems. 

Do House Surveyors Check Roofs?

House Surveyors will try their best to check a roof space, but it is sometimes impossible to do so when there is a heavy coating of insulation on the joists, for example. Hence, it is always best to get a professional roof surveyor to do the work instead.