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Avoid These Common Commercial Roofing Mistakes

To keep your commercial buildings like retails outlets in their best shape, warehouses, or restaurants, hiring a roofing service is a necessity. The quality of your roof depends on the quality of your hired contractor, the materials used, and the maintenance afterward. If a commercial roof is performing well, it doesn’t require much attention but there could be issues that are being overlooked by you.

Roofing Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s dive into a few frequently made mistakes about commercial roofing and how an expert ‘roofer near me’ can help you avoid them.

Hiring Wrong or Not At All

One of the first mistakes to avoid when installing or repairing a commercial roof is hiring a faulty contractor or none at all. Before hiring a contractor, state plainly what the job entails, i.e. commercial roofing, to avoid any blunders. But if you hire a residential contractor or an inexperienced roofer to work on commercial roofing or any questionable roofer, you are likely to run into costly errors. 

The codes, guidelines, and details of commercial roofing can differ significantly from residential roofing – from the time required to the materials being used.

“Working on roofs is a hazardous activity because it involves working at height.”

Poor Maintenance 

Proper roof maintenance is as important as proper roof installation. It’s crucial to inspect the roof as often as thrice a year to check for any problems and stop them from getting worse. If you fail to examine your roofing issues on time, not only do you shorten your roof’s lifespan but you are also making a costly mistake. With periodic maintenance, you can prolong your commercial roof’s lifespan.

Inadequate Installation

A roofer might know how to install asphalt shingles, but not necessarily how to install metal. When it comes to roofing, there is no room for guesswork. A faulty installation is bound to bring further expensive issues your way. Some of the obvious signs of poor roof installations are barrier leakage, shingle problems, poorly-installed moisture barriers, etc.

Leak Barriers

The absence of leak barriers means unprotected chimneys – yet another big mistake to avoid. Leaks can give way to serious problems by exposing the roof to debris and moisture. 

Shingle Blunders

Shingles cover the foundation of your shingle roof and act as the base water filter for that roof. Improper shingle installation can cause rainwater to seep into the roof’s foundation.


Putting off any essential roof work is the biggest blunder you can make when it comes to commercial roofing. A roof in need of replacement comes with many bills, and frequently having to repair that roof means extra expenses. Leaving the roof work until the last minute will only make things worse. The roof can fall, causing all kinds of damages – safety as well as financial. Save money in the long run but tend properly to your roofing replacement or repairs on time.

Improper Drainage System

Commercial roofs collect water or snow because of their usual flat or low slope roof designs. This ponding water causes roof damage, in addition to rooftop and building damages. These damages are often the result of a faulty drainage system. A rooftop that lacks drains or tapered roof installation has a flawed drainage system and is prone to storing water.

Missing Drip Edge

A drip edge helps in guiding rainwater off the roof into the gutter system. Sloppy roofing contractors make mistakes like failing to install the drip edge properly, or at all, leading to additional problems. The water backs up onto your roof during storms which leads to water damage.

Nailing Mistakes

The nailing process needs to be flawless for quality assurance and longevity of commercial roofing. This is both dangerous and risky, as it compromises the integrity of the roof, making it susceptible to scratching and breaking. It also causes moisture-infiltration risks so keep an eye out for cost-cutting contractors. Some nailing mistakes to avoid include: 

  • Exposed nails
  • Under-driven nails
  • High nails
  • Over-driven nails

Shoddy Repair Work

Make sure the prospects you are screening for are licensed and experienced in commercial work. With cutting-corner contractors, you may get a temporary fix out of the deal, but you are getting short-changed for a long-term solution. Make sure the hired help doesn’t procrastinate or make any huge blunders to make you flush your money down the drain.

Avoid Common Roofing Mistakes

Hire Your Trusted Local, Friendly Roofing Experts

Commercial roofing is a vast field with several reputable companies providing services at competitive rates. Roofs protect your business from extreme weather and other harmful elements, so invest in the best roofing experts.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us.”

Sir Winston Churchill

Local and Certified Roofers Near Me

When looking for roofers, try to hire local and certified roofing contractors, which are located near you for the utmost convenience.

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People Also Ask
  1. How do I find a reliable roofer in my area?

While searching for roofer options, the points to consider are: recommendations, customer reviews, positive accreditation, licensing and insurance, experience, and above all, make sure that the contractor fits the ‘roofer near me’ criteria.

  1. How much should roof repair cost?

For small repairs, it should cost from £100 to £400, for moderate repairs, it is £400 to £1000, and for larger repairs, it could be between the range of £1000 and £4000. The average cost of roof repair in the UK is £650.

  1. How much does a roofer charge per hour in the UK?

A roofer charges £25 per hour on average in the UK. Keep in mind that the exact rate depends upon several factors like the amount, intensity, and complexity of work, etc. 

  1. Who is the best roofing company?

Recommended the best roofer near me: Kabi Flat Roofing is the one with the best roofing services that include flat roof replacement, residential and commercial roof installation with shingles and siding. 

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